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Adblock Plus, the barrier for online ads

Os: Mac Type: Freeware Ver.: 1.12.4

If you use Internet services you will know that the ads can be found in many places that offer free content, and you also will know that in many cases these ads can be very annoying. Would you like to eliminate them from your web navigator? Then you are lucky today, becouse we would like to introduce you an app that will help you a lot of with this; his name is Adblock Plus, and it will set a barrier to online ads.

Thanks to Adblock Plus you will not have to support this annoying ads of Youtube. Who wants to watch 20 seconds videos before to play desired videos? Nobody! You also can block adsense block that are shown in web pages and even Facebook ads. However think about the need of the marketing in the net, becouse in otherwise many places wouldn´t have money to be online. For this reason Adblock Plus includes a white list to insert the URLs of these places from you allow the ads.

In short words it is a great application that allows you to enjoy Internet without the annoying ads that are behind all the pages. Would you like to have this plugin in your Safari browser? Then, what are you looking for to download Adblock Plus?

  • It has a great ads block system
  • It reforces your privacity and security
  • It is fully compatible with Safari
  • Sometimes you may be forced to block the plugin if you want to see the content -the webstasers don´t like this app-

Adblock Plus


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Adblock Plus 1.12.4 Adblock Plus 1.12.3 Adblock Plus 1.12.2 Adblock Plus 1.12 Adblock Plus 1.10.2

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