AIMP 2 Skin Editor


AIMP 2 Skin Editor

AIMP 2 Skin Editor allows you to create original skins for your player. Choose images, fonts or colors and combine them to suit your tastes. The skins will not take up much of the space in comparison to those of Winamp. The classic sound player looks similar to Winamp and there are skins you can download if you do not like using the default one. But with this editor, you can do more than use a skin created by someone else. You can combine your passion for music with the pleasure of design and create personalized skins to apply to your favorite player. The user interface is the tool which guides you to creating a skin in a few easy steps. Enjoy music using this advanced multimedia player and experiment with the flexible skin editor.
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Type Freeware

Version 2.60 RC3 Build 112

Size 1.26 MB

Other versions

2.60 RC3 Build 112