ASUS Update Utility


ASUS Update Utility

ASUS Update Utility is a Utility Program for managing and updating BIOS resident in the ASUS Motherboard in your PC working under the Windows environment.
With the help of this utility you can view the version information about the BIOS, save the current BIOS file, download latest BIOS from the Internet, update the embedded BIOS from an updated BIOS file, and also update BIOS directly from the Internet.
You have to follow certain rules to maintain safety while updating your BIOS. You must have the “Administrator” privilege, all application must be closed, Anti-Virus must be disabled, the most updated BIOS utility should only be used, during BIOS update the system/CPU should not be overclocked, the “Setup Default” in BIOS menu should be loaded before BIOS update, after update the PC must be rebooted and finally “Setup Default” should be loaded again.
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Type Freeware

Version 7.18.02

Size 14.09 MB

Other versions

7.18.02 7.15.13