AtomixMP3 is a sound editor that works with an algorithm that makes synchronization a very automatic task. This will let the user generate spectacular rhythms and mixes, without requiring any advanced music knowledge.

The AtomixMP3 algorithm can recognize the tempo of the songs’ rhythm and synchronize the combination of two tracks automatically. This is very useful for all fans who want to create their own songs on the basis of existing ones, without having to learn a lot, just for fun.

AtomixMP3 works with two different tracks of audio that can be played back at the same time. In them, the user will load two separate MP3 files that will be the songs to be mixed. Once each one is in a different track, you can use the tools included in the program’s interface to achieve the desired effects. These utilities include the crossfader, the pitch, an option to monitor BPM (rhythm), delay, loop, over-loop, volume and many others.

On the other hand, AtomixMP3 lets you save the mix as a WAV file that can then be burnt on a disc or transferred over the Internet. Other options offered by the program are related to the possibility of enriching the mixing of songs. For this purpose it offers a long list of sound effects, including whistling, car horns, sirens, shouts, bathroom, laughter and much more.

For the user’s convenience, AtomixMP3 presents an interface that may look overwhelming, but isn’t. Since it is a program developed to let the user have fun, the application combines strong colors in the style of mixers used by professional DJs. Besides, all of this program’s tools appear in the form of knobs and other controls that can be used with the mouse or keyboard once they have been selected.

Finally, it is important to note that none of these tools present a great complexity. The true challenge is to use them creatively.

• Intuitive interface
• Wide range of options

• Functionality surpassed by similar applications

AtomixMP3 limitations:
• Restricted features
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Type Shareware

Version 2.3

Size 3.12 MB

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