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AutoCAD 2011 is a 2D and 3D technical design program used by students and professionals alike to create maps, designs and structural diagrams.

The program makes it possible to draw simple and detailed plans for all sorts of things such as products and buildings. The application is used more specifically in the fields of engineering and construction. 

In this version there are many features users can be excited about. For one there are improved parametric constraints, as well as grip editing that makes it easier to convert simple segments into arcs and other interesting shapes. The grips used previously are still embedded into the AutoCAD architecture and are now known as 'primary grips.' Transparency is a new feature that users can play around with, turning different shapes and objects transparent.

The 'splines' feature has new options as well, including those known as 'Method' and 'Degree.' Method lets you specify whether points will be fit or control points. The Degree option lets you set the polynomial degree to allow you to control how many curves the spline has between its vertices. All of these new features together make for a rather impressive technical design program that is sure to please even the most critical of designers. AutoCAD 2011 is also suitable for students learning the software as it includes numerous help guides and tutorials.

AutoCAD 2011 is an exceptional computer-aided design suite that has been the industrys favorite for years. You should definitely download it if your specialism requires you to use CAD.

  • Improved parametric constraints, transparency property
  • Secondary grip editing, new spline features
  • Supports 3D graphics, integrated navigation
  • Tutorials
  • Some features may be too complex for the average user
  • The application is quite large and can thus take up a lot of space on your computer
  • 30-day trial


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