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Baidu Spark Browser


Be a social butterfly while you browse with the Baidu Spark Browser!

by Maire Rowland imageMaire Rowland 03-29-2016
Os: Windows Type: Shareware Ver.: 43.23.1000.476
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Baidu Spark Browser is a social, fun, attractive and functional web browser for your computer.

Baidu Spark Browser is a browser for the young and youthful at heart. It presents an attractive, funky blue interface that immediately screams at you for attention! Besides its pleasant appearance Baidu Spark Browser is notable for its connectivity with social media networks. Install the browser’s Facebook plug in and you can post statuses and chat away to your heart’s content without having to constantly keep a Facebook tab open.

Besides its comfortable relationship with Facebook Baidu Spark Browser’s real selling point is its built-in mp3 and video downloader. This means that you can download videos from the likes of YouTube by simply clicking, no need to download a separate YouTube downloader!

Elsewhere the Baidu Spark Browser provides you with a convenient mute feature that allows you to silence tabs. This is displayed by a sound icon on the top right corner of the browser or you can use the keyboard shortcut. A specific zooming tool in the browser allows you to pinpoint specific areas that you can make larger or smaller, this is particularly useful with regards to pictures on web pages.

This is the type of browser that is very suitable for social media addicts who like to watch a lot of videos online, it may not have the same speed as Chrome but it does provide a fun functional way of surfing the web!

  • Social networking browser
  • Built-in mp3 and video downloader
  • Mute feature
  • Need to download plug-in to get the most out of Facebook features


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