BitDefender Antivirus Plus


Protect your computer from viruses, spyware, and more with BitDefender Antivirus Plus for PC

BitDefender Antivirus Plus is an antivirus program for PC that provides excellent protection as well as some very useful features.

This easy-to-use program was definitely designed with the average computer user in mind. It is super simple to figure out and has a very pleasing interface. It offers up real-time protection so users never have to worry about updating anything. In fact, the virus database is constantly being updated so new viruses will never slip through its fingers.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus also has you covered in terms of online banking and social networks. If you make any transactions online, you can rest easy knowing your information is totally safe and that any threat detected will be blocked. In terms of social networks, they have become a breeding ground for new and dangerous viruses. Suspicious pages are simply blocked.

Scans are something that this program excels at, performing them super quickly and thoroughly. The Autopilot feature lets you continue watching videos or listen to music without interruption as the scan is performed. Individual files can also be scanned by dragging and dropping into the Security Widget.

Download a free trial of BitDefender Antivirus Plus for PC and keep your computer and information safe!

• Easy to use
• Pleasing interface
• Real-time protection
• Virus database is always updated
• Super fast scans
• Autopilot lets users watch videos and more while a scan is performed
• Extra online banking protection
• Social network protection

• May require the use of many resources

BitDefender Antivirus Plus Limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 2018 (32-bit)

Size 280.46 MB

Other versions

2018 (32-bit) 2018 (64-bit) 2018 2017 2017 (32-bit)