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Are you interested in trying new Android apps? Do you like to test tools and games before installing them on your smartphone? Then you definitely need to try Bluestacks 2014. It lets you play Android apps on your computer. Just install this platform on your PC, search your favorite app and use it as if you were on your phone.

Bluestacks however is not to be confused with an emulator, it doesn’t really offer system adjustments or default tools but an environment in which Android apps can be run. This might seem like a limitation to you but it shouldn’t be considered that by any means since this platform was developed for the sole purpose of trying Android apps out while on a desktop or laptop.

Its work mechanics are pretty simple. After installing it, you only have to open it to find a bunch of pre-installed apps like Facebook and Twitter that you have the option of running right away. The mouse works to click buttons, menus in order to interact with the app. The keyboard also works as intended, providing a quick and easy way to insert text when needed.

You’ll obviously want to install more apps, so you’ll be glad to learn that Bluestacks 2014 has an integrated search function in its architecture to allow you look through several Android apps stores to find the app you want. 

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that there is a supplementary app that will let you synchronize your Android device with Bluestacks. In this way, your contacts and apps will always have the same data and you’ll have the possibility to use the same familiar environment in both the phone and the PC.

While you’ll need a powerful computer to make the most off of this app, downloading Bluestacks 2014 is a wonderful program to download and try out apps before deploying them on you Android-powered device, or even to use them on a bigger screen.


  • Ability to run any APK file on computer
  • Integration with several app stores
  • Highest of resolutions
  • Synchronization with Android phones
  • Nothing noteworthy


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