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by Chloe Slye imageChloe Slye 08-17-2016
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Wouldn’t it be great to have all Android functionality on the PC? Wouldn’t it be great to manage functions from Android Smartphone from your Tablet or Windows PC? It would, and it is with BlueStacks, the ultimate tool for those who dream to run Android applications from their computer or from their tablet.

BlueStacks: run your Android apps from your PC

To simplify the management of multiple electronic devices is possible if you download BlueStacks. This useful program creates an environment within the PC from which you can comfortably use all the apps installed on your mobile. You can sync your PC with your Smartphone and efficiently manage all content using a single device. So simple.

Using Apps on mobile devices and Android’s growing importance coupled with the ability to perform all actions from a laptop would be enough reasons to understand the popularity of BlueStacks. But this software is more than just a means to synchronize Android devices and run them from Windows: this program can use any app quickly and effectively, play and enjoy your favorite Android games from the PC, use instant messaging Apps from the computer or manage your accounts while using your laptop. And everything else you can think!

This complete software makes easier the management of multiple devices from the PC, but it also includes several features designed to make you find, at a glance, the most popular Apps and, if they are not among the most used ones, it is always possible to use the search feature and find them quickly.

From now on you can use Android from Windows PC with BlueStacks.

  • Run Android apps and games on your PC
  • Synchronizes with the mobile phone’s utilities
  • Lets you run the programs in full screen
  • Does not yet support all applications


BlueStacks System Requirements and How to Solve Incompatible GL

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Anonymous: An impresive software to run android apps in a computer. Loved Bluestacks!

06-18-2015 12:18 0
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