The fastest, most efficient, most intelligent browser out there: move over Chrome!


  • A clean, intelligent browser to rival Chrome and others
  • Download media files and torrents without additional software from 50+ websites
  • Pause and resume ongoing downloads
  • Surf the web regularly or using proxy servers
  • Social Share extension for easier sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Google+


  • Issues with privacy and data gathering

Citrio is a free web browser program, developed by Citrio, which has a range of unique features to rival the likes of Chrome, Firefox and Opera such as a download manager, proxy servers and in-built torrent resolution when downloading. 

Chrome-like, but not Chrome

For many browsing should be as seamless an experience as possible. The user interface should be functional, minimalistic and intuitive. Download and loading speeds should be fast, and any supplementary features should simplify one's browsing session and attempt to bring the internet closer to you. This is what Citrio tries to accomplish.

Citrio is a free web browser developed by Citrio and in conjunction with Ask.com. While seemingly ordinary on the surface, its unique features are what make it stand out as a browser. In terms of looks, Citrio looks quite similar to Chrome, and in fact this even extends to its compatibility. Its tabs operate identically to Chrome, and can be dragged to create new browser windows if required. The default search bar is not google, but Ask.com, because the browser was built to optimize the search engine. 

A series of tabs at the bottom of the browser allow you to toggle between Search, Most visited and Apps (the Google Play store). Most visited sites, just like with Chrome, are displayed in small boxes below the search bar. Also similar to Chrome is the fact that if one's browser history is deleted, these pages will remain. 

Unique Features

In addition to regular web browsing, Citrio also allows you to browse using a series of built-in proxy servers through incognito browsing. Beside your address bar at the top of your browser, you will notice several buttons not typically found on a Chrome browser. The first of these is your Download Manager. One of Chrome's biggest issues was that downloads had a tendency to get lost amongst your various folders once downloaded, or were cancelled if interrupted. Unlike in Chrome, Citrio has dedicated an entire UI to ensuring that your downloads can be managed, stored and readily accessed when required. Downloads (as well as torrents) can be organized, paused, resumed and queued whenever you want, completely revolutionizing the way we manage files on the internet. 

Downloads (as well as torrents) can be organized, paused, resumed and queued whenever you want, completely revolutionizing the way we manage files on the internet

Next, Citrio has is a built-in Video Manager which facilitates the download of video files from the internet. It also lets you manage and organize those files with its cloud storage. When a particular format is detected, Citrio willl launch the video manager which will initiate the download. This feature is extremely handy given how common video files are on the web. A Media grabber tool also lets you download media files from over 50 popular websites on the internet. 

Related to this is Citrio's support for torrent files, requiring no additional software like uTorrent to finish torrent downloads. Citrio also has far better social media sharing options than other browsers. Its share button is built right into the user interface and allows you to quickly share web pages with Facebook, Twitter and Google. To keep up with what's happening in your local area, a NewsHub feature continuously provides local news from sports to politics. 

Overall, Citrio is a highly intelligent, intuitive browser which for many has become a more than adequate replacement for Google Chrome. All of its unique features are available as soon as you open your browser including incognito browsing, sharing options, a newshub for regular updates, as well as the all-important Download Manager to manage and organize your internet downloads. Because of its integration with Ask.com, it has been speculated that information gathering is highly likely, in which case privacy might be an issue. Nevertheless, as a browser it's one of the strongest I've seen - definitely worth downloading. 


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Type Freeware

Version 50.0.2661.275

Size 58.04 MB

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