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DayZ Mod

DayZ Mod is a MOD for the popular third-person action game, Arma 2, with which you’ll experience an adventure of zombie survival in the The Walking Dead style.

DayZ: The game

DAYZ Alfa is much more than a simple shooting game: in this shooter, your main objective will be to survive as long as possible. You won’t have a definite mission, you won’t be able to get a cure for the plague nor to eliminate any evil being. All you’ll have to do is move around in the devastated world and get provisions, weapons and shelter to avoid ending up as zombie food.

With DayZ Mod you’ll be in enormous maps of 225 km2 with up to 50 players fighting for food, water, first-aid items and ammunitions. You’ll make alliances and team up with other survivors to overcome difficulties easier, but you must keep in mind that your weapons and other items can be a great temptation, and there are people who won’t hesitate in shooting you from behind in order to get them.

When a player kills another one, his look changes and he becomes a bandit. This is dangerous for him, since anybody can see what type of person they are and they won’t hesitate in shooting them preemptively.

In DayZ Mod you’ll not only have to watch out for zombies and bandits; it´s also important to keep in mind hunger and thirst, for if you spend a lot of time without eating and drinking, you’ll startlosing strength, until you become unconscious and are at the mercy of the undead.

On the other hand, the health system in DayZ Mod is very innovative and complete. Here you won’t magically recover “life”: on the contrary, if you get shot in a leg, you won’t be able to walk until you get morphine to endure the pain, and you’ll limp until the wound is treated. If you don’t find bandages fast enough, you risk bleeding from a cut and falling unconscious or dying.

It should be noted that this mod also includes new vehicles that you can repair by yourself, using junk and spare parts spread all over the world. Weapons were also subjected to a change, and now you’ll find options that are less bellicose, from small hand pistols to crossbows.

How to install DAYZ with Arma 2

First of all, to use this application you need to have Arma II and Arma: Operation Arrowhead installed. Then you must download the file with the mod we offer you here. The installer will automatically update the game.

Once the installation is finished, you must open Arma: Operation Arrowhead and choose a server that has the mod installed. If you want to know which ones do, simply filter the list with the word “DayZ” and then choose the server that you want.

All the DayZ Mod servers are persistent, that is to say, you won’t lose your information or the items in your inventory when you disconnect; this will let you abandon a game and continue at any time. However, if your character dies, you’ll lose it and have to start from scratch, from a random point on the map. Since the life expectancy is less than an hour, you’ll have to give your very best if you want to survive the catastrophe.

DayZ Mod is an add-on that adds another dimension to the well-known war simulator. If you want to experience a zombie apocalypse as closely as possible, in a realistic environment, this title is for you. Get ready to feel adrenaline, fear, paranoia and excitement with this popular mod.

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• Complex health system
• New weapons and vehicles
• Realistic atmosphere
• Large number of players

• Nothing to report
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Type Freeware

Version Alfa

Size 15.8 MB

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