DNL Reader

DNL Reader is a digital book reader, especially designed to enhance your experience while reading any text.

There is an increasing tendency to digitize classic or new works by any author. Usually, these books are stored in DNL format, an extension that has many benefits but that isn’t accepted by some programs. DNL Reader is one of the applications that support this kind of files, and will let you access all the texts you want. Apart from the traditional books you’ll be able to view catalogs, photo albums, multimedia presentations, manuals, and others.

DNL Reader offers a dynamic and very colorful interface that will make you feel that you have the actual book in your hands and that you yourself are turning the pages. One of its attractions is its speed of operation, which makes it a really efficient tool.

• High working speed
• Attractive interface
• Allows various file types

• Limited format support
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Type Freeware

Version 8.0.10

Size 1.5 MB

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