Dojo Media Player


Dojo Media Player

Dojo Media Player is a media content player, created especially to show files simply and easily.

With this program you’ll be able to enjoy all your music in the best quality and with a wide variety of tools available for you. Dojo Media Player includes functions for professional DJs, letting you to add scratch effects, to carry out song mixes and combinations with multiple sounds.

Discover an uncountable number of compatible supports

Dojo Media Player supports over 30 different file extensions, including VCD, DVD, DivX, M3U, PLS, MP3, MOD, MIDI, WMA, ZIP, as well as a large number of additional audio and video formats. You’ll also have compatibility with Winamp plug-ins and an attractive image viewer.

Apart from the fact that it uses only a small amount of space on your disk, Dojo Media Player has a simple and user-friendly interface with multiple add-ons to add to your player. The program is designed with the drag-and-drop system that will give you greater convenience and speed for setting up your playlist.

Dojo Media Player will let you configure specific commands on your keyboard to directly access this application’s functions. You’ll also find the most varied skins, plug-ins and visual effects to customize the program to your liking.

Download Dojo Media Player for free and play back your favorite music and movies without reducing your computer’s performance.

• Wide format support
• Customizable look
• Desktop gadget
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources

• Playback quality is surpassed by similar applications
• Functionality surpassed by similar programs
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Type Freeware

Version 2003

Size 7.03 MB

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