Dreadout is a PC terror game, developed by an Indonesian studio, that will make you go through a sinister town full of spirits, monsters and ghosts, typical of the myths of Eastern Asia.

When you start playing Dreadout, you’ll join a group of students on a vacation trip, who get lost on their way and find a collapsed bridge, with no possibility to continue. The group of youths decides to leave the car and explore the nearby town, which seems to be abandoned. However, they soon notice that the town is not as deserted as it seemed at first sight, and that a large number of strange beings and spirits are hidden among the shadows.

You’ll control Linda, the game’s main character, while she goes through the city and tries to unravel the sinister events that happen there. If you want to save her and her friends, you’ll need to have quick reflexes and an alert mind to protect yourself from the supernatural creatures that are all around, and to solve the puzzles that you’ll be presented with at every step.

In Dreadout, Linda will have a smartphone, a digital camera and a video camera, with which she’ll record her friends during the adventure. You’ll have to use these everyday objects to solve some of the puzzles, capturing images that your eyes can’t see. But the plot gets more complicated: as you advance in the storyline, Linda will discover that she has a strange and sinister spiritual power that she’ll have to learn to control, in order to survive.

Dreadout is a title that presents itself as an excellent alternative to Slender and other free indie games, with an excellent atmosphere and environment. Not only will you follow a sinister and exciting main storyline, but you’ll also be able to explore the city on your own, at your own risk, discovering secrets, secondary missions and new items that will undoubtedly improve your experience even more. What’s more, you’ll be able to share your photographs and recordings on social networks and participate with the community.

In summary, Dreadout is an exciting, terrifying and sinister title, with a paranormal theme and spirits of the East Asian folklore. This terror game will let you explore an interesting world, and it will challenge your ability to advance and solve problems you are confronted with. What are you waiting for to download Dreadout for free?

• Excellent atmosphere
• Includes secondary missions
• Good sound effects
• Very enthralling

• The graphics could be better
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