Don’t waste any more time installing drivers on your computer


  • Update your drivers easily.
  • Works automatically.
  • All manufacturer brands available.


  • If there are a lot of drivers to update, it could take some time.

DriverMax is a practical and extremely functional utility, capable of searching for and installing all the drivers needed to make your computer work. It’s an easy-to-use tool that saves loads of time and helps Windows achieve a much better performance.

Make your installations hassle-free

DriverMax is suitable for any user. If you’re an average computer user and you come across something that makes your computer lag behind, DriverMax will take care of things by searching for and installing the best drivers for your computer. And, if you’re a more of a tekkie, imagine the time you could save if someone (or something in this case) searched for and installed the drivers for you. DriverMax saves time and money.

DriverMax can reinstall all drivers in the event that you need to reboot your operating system, without any type of error occurring. If something needs fixing, DriverMax will get on it.

A great database

One of the secrets to programs like DriverMax is that they have a solid database behind them, meaning that it’s always possible to access the right drivers for each computer. In this case, DriverMax has access to base, sound, graphics, modem, webcam, printer, scanner, hard drive, USB device drivers, and much more. There aren’t any restrictions when it comes to the manufacturers either; you’ll have access to components from Sony, NVIDIA, HP, Intel, Dell, Microsoft, Netgear, and many more.

The import assistant that’s included in the program scans your computer and creates a backup list of all the drivers on there, which you’ll be able to access via the easy-to-use interface at any time.
Everything you need to do in order to update your drivers and optimize the performance of your computer, DriverMax will do for you. The result is magnificent.

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