Empire Earth III

Empire Earth III


Strategically conquer the world in Empire Earth III

by Dewaldt Stemmet imageDewaldt Stemmet 2012-10-03
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Empire Earth III is a fabulous real-time strategy game. With it you’ll go back to ancient times to conquer the world.

This title has five eras and presents three factions or civilizations: the Middle East, the West and the Far East. In each of them you’ll have incredible adventures and missions.

In Empire Earth III, conquering the planet won’t be an easy task. You’ll have to use your mind and imagination and thus develop a strategy to create your town, educate your army and, finally, conquer Earth. All this set in maps with high graphic details.

Go to the past with Empire Earth III and become the most powerful person on the planet.

• Very detailed scenes
• Excellent gameplay

• Nothing outstanding

Empire Earth III limitations:
• Limited-time use
• Restricted features

Empire Earth III


Other versions

Empire Earth III 1.0

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