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Probably the greatest way to work with numbers and spreadsheets on the computer

by Chloe Slye imageChloe Slye 07-23-2012
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Excel 2013 is a program for creating spreadsheets that is part of the Office 2013 suite and includes new features.

The first great tool that is new to Excel 2013 is autofill. This function recognizes the data pattern you are using and autocompletes the remaining cells, without having to type formulae or macros. This will speed up your work and increase your productivity, as well as make your tasks a lot less tedious. There is also a recommended pivot table, with which you’ll find the most efficient way to present your ideas to make the document you're creating clearer. 

When talking about numbers, it´s important to find the best possible way to visualize data. In Excel 2013 you can use graphic types that best illustrate the type of data you are handling. You’ll get an instant preview of all the options which you can further modify to personal liking. Change the colors, lines and other parameters to help yourself and affiliates analyze the important information collated. All is contained in a new Metro interface, designed to work with Windows 7 and 8. It is interactive and convenient to work with both the mouse and keyboard, and touch screens. There are many tools and shortcuts laid out in a friendly accessible way for quick and easy use.

To let you work anywhere, Excel 2013 saves your workbooks in Microsoft Skydrive by default. You’ll be able to access your files from your computer, mobile phone, tablet or other device. Besides, in case it´s a shared project, you can send the document’s link to other people, along with editing rights, to let all group members see the latest version. You can also present specific spreadsheets or tables on the Web, adding them to social network sites, without leaving the program. You can also share your workbooks with other people without giving them editing rights, and present your work or project while coordinating a meeting via Lync or Skype.

Download Excel 2013, the latest and greatest way to work with figures.


  • Autofill function, lots of edit tools, graphic types
  • Automatic default save to Skydrive, work from any online device
  • Share with team members with editing rights and the adverse
  • Nothing noteworthy


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Anonymous: Microsoft keeps improving Excel in each version is released.

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