Facebook Messenger


Facebook have forged the ultimate messaging tool, with a new layout, features, and full Facebook integration


  • Free to download
  • Dedicated Facebook messenger function
  • Invite other users who don't have Messenger
  • All data synced with web version of Facebook
  • Streamlined messaging page for adding attachments, emoticons and more
  • Chronological order of conversations lets you stay on top of things
  • Integrates phone number with Facebook account, letting you call your friends from Messenger


  • Private messages on Facebook site are not displayed in the app
  • Facebook Messenger required for chat on the latest version of the Facebook application

Facebook Messenger is a free application for Android, developed by Facebook Inc., which lets you send and receive instant messages, photos and other information in real time to family and friends, whether Facebook friends or not. It is the official messenger application of Facebook, Inc.

A Dedicated Messenger for Facebook Users

Facebook has undoubtedly been one of the most influential social forces in recent times and has revolutionized the way we communicate with one another. As a supplementary app to the web version, Facebook.com, Facebook Messenger isolates the messenger function of the popular social networking site so that friends can keep in touch on the move without logging into the full version of the app. It is an absolutely essential app for all Facebook users, and one which I can unreservedly say that I make use of every day. 

Built for Facebook Integration

What makes the Messenger so attractive is its simple user interface, its intelligent design, and its integration with the main Facebook app/ website. For the latest version of Facebook, the Messenger has replaced all independent chat functions. As such, to chat on the main site or the stand-alone app, Facebook Messenger must be installed.

When you open the app, you will be prompted to login (unless already logged in to Facebook) on a classic Facebook blue screen. If you have not yet signed up for Messenger, this can be done by tapping the "Sign Up with Facebook" button located at the bottom of the login page.

A Streamlined Facebook Experience

Once you access the Facebook server, a plain white UI is displayed containing various menus. The Schedule menu displays a list of conversations, ordered chronologically. This is handy for continuing recent conversations without scrolling through contact lists. The Groups button lets you manage any group conversations, or pin a particular conversation to the top of your schedule. The List menu displays all contacts who have Messenger, and whether they are currently active. Various options concerning chat, file transfers, etc. can be edited in Settings. To start a conversation, just tap on one of the contacts in the Schedule menu to bring up all messages, which will bring up the name of a list of messages and the when the contact was last active. The only thing which the app will not display is private messages, accessible only from the website version.

The latest version of Messenger has a host of supplementary features to improve one's user experience. Participants in the conversation window are color-coded for easy differentiation. In addition to the "Write a message" bar for inputting text, a set of symbols also let you attach various media including images, a voice clip, and emoticons.

Once you have sent a message, a tick will come up indicating when the person received and saw your message. If a message failed to be sent due to a poor internet connection, Facebook will post a red notification next to the message.

Similar to Google Plus, all chat functions are now rerouted through the Messenger service, meaning any and all messages sent are synced on all versions of Facebook.

Once a message is sent, Messenger will tell you when the other person has seen it below the message. If a message failed to be sent due to a poor internet connection, a red symbol will notify you. When you receive a message, Messenger will notify you and will mark the sender's message in bold if unread.

Your Facebook, All in One Place

Perhaps the best thing about the new Messenger is that it no longer separates itself from the messaging service on its other versions. Similar to Google Plus, all chat functions are now rerouted through the Messenger service, meaning any and all messages sent are synced on all versions of Facebook. You'll never have to leave Facebook behind you again. Whether at home or on the go, Messenger will be there for you.

Facebook Messenger for Android is an absolutely essential app for any Facebook user. Its new design fixed many of the inherent issues in older versions by creating a new layout which prioritized what is most important for users. Its design is slick, it has a compact interface, and its menus are easily navigable. By all accounts, it is the perfect messaging application.The all new Messenger may fulfil the same role as before, but it does so with far more style than ever. Download it for free from the Google Play Store now. 



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