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Firefox 20 is a free and secure web browser to navigate the Internet and access your email accounts, do online banking and many more.

The same as Firefox 17, Firefox 18 and Firefox 19, Firefox 20 Nightly is ready to try out with the latest in Web technology. This version has a couple of features to accommodate the rapid growth of HTML 5 games and powerful APIs, so that you can have a solid browsing experience.
With these mighty programs comes great demand, and they can slow down your browser or even make it to not respond. Also, when you multitask in your web browser and open up multiple tabs and running different APIs all at once, you can get frustrated sometimes, as this won´t happen if you have a potent PC and running various desktop apps at the same time.

Thanks to Firefox 20, the developers are implementing a Page Visibility API, which means that any tabs that are not in use, that they won´t use any of your system’s resources. Users will notice this when playing a game and when switching to a different tab, it will automatically pause. Furthermore, this will also apply to photo slideshows, which use plenty of resources, and will stop running until you come back to the same tab.

In addition, Mozilla gives you a numerous amount of add-ons and plug-ins to choose from, so anything you need, you can have them on your favorite browser. Lastly, you must know that this version is still in development phase and the developers are constantly improving this application for your benefit.

In summary, if you´re looking for a web browser that has everything you need and that has a smooth performance, then download Firefox 20 now.

• Secure web browser
• Fast and reliable
• Supports Page Visibility API
• Easy to use

• Still in development phase

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