Ensure your online vids stream seamlessly with the fantastic FlowPlayer


  • Efficient video to web embedder
  • Works with HTML5
  • Contains great video features
  • Integrated with Google Analytics


  • Nothing noteworthy

FlowPlayer provides an essential service for any video bloggers out there, this is an open source HTML5 video player for embedding videos on the web. This program ensures secure, accurate and speedy embedding along with top quality, the perfect ingredient to make your sure your blog runs as smoothly as possible.

FlowPlayer is so efficient and easy to use that it is perfect for everyone, from serious programmers to business owner and regular blogger. Once you have it installed you are presented with a beautifully modern and intuitive that allows you to import your videos, browse your collection and manage them accordingly. FlowPlayer interface also presents you with facility to monitor the statistics of the videos that you have uploaded as it is integrated with Google Analytics. This means that you can quickly see how people are reacting to your content online.

FlowPlayer is bursting to the brim with features, it contains native fullscreen, subtitle capabilities and keyboard shortcuts etc. When it comes to visuals this application boasts cuepoints, slow motion options and also lets you toggle retina display.

This software allows for a considerable level of customization so if you are familiar with coding you can use FlowPlayer to build your own customized player

As a HTML5 video player, FlowPlayer provides the most up-to-date design and streaming capabilities, if you regularly upload video you need to start using FlowPlayer, it is easy to use and a pleasure to behold!

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Type Freeware

Version 5.4.4

Size 114.19 kB

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