FotoMix icon FotoMix 9.0.1

FotoMix is an application for editing photographs. With this program it is possible to retouch and combine images with an intuitive and easy to use methodology.

The main objective of FotoMix is to help its users combine two different images into a single file. Although this is possible with advanced tools such as Photoshop, this application is perfect for beginners, since it requires only a few steps to get the desired results.

FotoMix allows the insertion of objects on any background, color manipulation, modification of imperfections and some additional options. Although its functionality is somewhat basic, this is compensated with a great ease of use and an acceptable quality in the final results.

• Intuitive interface
• Complete help module
• Doesn’t use many resources

• Functionality is surpassed by similar programs
• It doesn’t allow many manual adjustments


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