Back up and synchronize your computers with GoodSync2Go


  • Synch data on unconnected computers
  • Back-up system content
  • Lightweight and fast


  • Nothing noteworthy.

GoodSync2Go provides an excellent means of synching different computers using a portable hard drives flash drives.

If you occasionally work from home and regularly lament they fact that you don’t have all your documents and files from work on your home computer then it important that you get your hands on GoodSync2Go. This piece of software allows you to synch data between computers that aren’t connected, mobile devices and backup files on your system.

Once the program is installed on your system simply launch GoodSync2Go to automate synchronization click the Analyze button, review the proposed changes and click Sync. If you conduct a lot of your business work on your phone or tablet this application provides you with a means of backing up that data. GoodSync2Go also caters for the synching of flash drives which is vitally important as cloud computing services can be subject to hacking and viruses. This software allows you to provide multiple synchs with multiple devices.

Another attractive element of the GoodSync2Go is its speed and low memory requirements. This means you can install it to your devices without worrying about it affecting your computer’s performance and you don’t have to wait ages for everything to synch. 

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Type Shareware


Size 35.19 MB

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