Store and share all your documents online with this excellent cloud storage service

Finally, Google’s online storage system is available for download, and as the rumors said, it is called Google Drive.

Simple, integrated and free

From the moment you get Google Drive on your computer you’ll appreciate the simplicity of its installation, and within seconds you’ll start using it. It should be mentioned that at this step the software will ask you for a Gmail account to coordinate services.

In the second phase, the program will start synchronizing the documents you have stored in Google Docs as well as create a folder with the contents included from the cloud. Fortunately the space used by these files won’t decrease the 5 GB space offered for free in the basic account, letting you use both services in the same directory on your computer.

Up to this point, the utility looks like one more service to store your files online, but it isn’t just that. Google Drive offers a set of applications to add complements and support to the different download methods. You’ll also be able to manipulate the files directly from the shortcut for each one in the “Google Drive” folder created by default under the Windows “Documents” folder.

Complete customizable control panel

To access the folder and general files in Google Drive you can use the shortcuts or a Web browser. Once you are in the directory you’ll find a large variety of options and a clean and intuitive interface. You’ll be able to view the files by list or by thumbnails, useful to get a preview of the contents.

On the other hand, you’ll be able to share your folders, choose the availability type and edit all sorts of parameters that will help you provide order to your “cloud”. In summary, if you want to save space on your disk and have access to your files over the Internet, download Google Drive now and enjoy its benefits.

• Google Docs integration
• Shop with extra applications
• Multiple platforms

• Only offers 5 GB for free

Google Drive icon

Type Freeware

Version 3.42.9858.3671

Size 1.08 MB

Other versions

3.42.9858.3671 3.42.9747.1898 3.41.9267.0638 3.40.8839.2105 3.39.8370.7843