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Send free texts to everyone, even those without Hike Messenger

by Chloe Slye imageChloe Slye 2013-07-24
Os: Android Type: Freeware Ver.: 1.1.15

Hike Messenger is an instant messaging app for Android that lets users send free text messages. Similar to WhatsApp, and Viber, this type of communication software has become very popular with the rise of people using smarts and has revolutionized the mobile market.

Hike Messenger lets you chat with your friends, and send them photos, voice clips, and videos. The best thing about this app, and that which differentiates it from others is that you can send messages to friends that don't even have it installed. There are tons of fun emoticons you can use while chatting, making the conversation more interesting.

Hike Messenger has many other features as well, such as 'Circle of Friends.' This categorizes your close friends into a separate group, meaning that you can share specific things only with those people. There is also a feature that tells you when a contact was last seen quite similar to that of Whatsapp. The difference here is that this information is only fed to close friends. Data that tells people where your last message was sent from is also something that is only shared with those in the circle. If you feel like sharing this information with others however, you have the choice to do so yourself.

Download Hike Messenger and have fun messaging your friends for free!

  • Speedy connection, lots of emoticons
  • Friends don't need to install it
  • Group chats, send images, text and videos
  • Only close friends can see when you were last active
  • Nothing noteworthy
  • Requires Android 2.2 or higher


Anonymous: This is a great alternative to WhatsApp in case you don't like it or if you are concerned about the privacy of your chat sessions. In UK the government is aiming to intercept WhatsApp chats since they discovered many terrorist attacks were coordinated via Whats App

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Hike Messenger


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Hike Messenger 1.1.15

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