InterVideo WinDVD


InterVideo WinDVD

InterVideo WinDVD is a complete DVD player with which you can watch your movies directly from the computer.

With this program you will enjoy the best sound and image, since it includes the Dolby Digital and Blu-Ray 3D technologies. With polarized XpanD spectacles you will also be able to see the latest movie titles in 3D, in the comfort of your home.

Among other things, InterVideo WinDVD offers previewing your recordings without needing to take them out of the film camera. It supports the DVD-Video, QuickTime, Windows Media and AVCHD formats.

It should be mentioned that InterVideo was absorbed by Corel corporation. Therefore, the program now has a different name and version. WinDVD 2010 is the new video player released by the company.

InterVideo WinDVD limitations:

- 14-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 10 (2010)

Size 170.49 MB

Other versions

10 (2010) 9.0