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by Maire Rowland imageMaire Rowland 05-12-2016
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iTools is a media management programt that provides an alternative to iTunes that lets you control all the contents of any of your Apple devices. Its most outstanding feature is that all the requirements you have with respect to managing your iDevices are covered.

This software’s functions encompass every aspect of your mobile device’s usability. That means it doesn’t matter whether you use it strictly as a phone, agenda or media player; iTools 2013 will work for any task.

Included in iTools is the option to synchronize contents. This makes it possible to transfer data, music, video clips, apps or any type of file you want to store. Also included are other operations designed to manage the iPhone: editing and saving contacts, loading activities to the agenda and installing games.

iTools will let you manipulate the media library, modify wallpapers and import photographs without any problems. The greatest advantage is that these operations will run at a much greater speed than with iTunes.

In this latest version of iTools, many new features have been added and various problems have been solved. There is now a multimedia section added to the library that includes music and wallpapers. You can also install and backup applications. Contacts are now easier to see and there is even direct access to your keyboard. There shouldn’t be any more issues when it comes to importing and viewing photos, and the importation process has speeded up considerably.

Download iTools free for PC now and start enjoying your Apple devices as you never did before!

  • Easy to use
  • Great data transfer speed
  • Synchronization function
  • Complete management of Apple devices
  • Doesn’t have the aesthetics of the Apple products


iTools, the ideal complement for all Apple devices

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