JetAudio Basic


JetAudio Basic, player with multiple tools


  • Great set of tools.
  • Customizable.
  • Supports video formats, too.


  • Some features are only 100% functional when you buy the license.

JetAudio Basic is a piece of software that has all the multimedia tools you could want. It has the ability to copy CDs, including support for the majority of audio formats such as WMA, MP3, MPG, AVI, and OGG. JetAudio Basic is also able to play VCDs and DVDs. Playback is possible by making this software your default player of choice.

There’s also extra support for CDDB and Monkey’s Audio, an integrated word display, and many other tools. With the optional Pro version, you can transfer your music to the internet using JetCast.
JetAudio Basic has tools such as a mixing recorder, audio trimmer, and word creator. As you can see, it comes pretty well equipped to deal with any project you want to carry out to enhance your multimedia experience.

Format Converter

One of the most important features of JetAudio Basic is that it has an incorporated format converter. It supports all the formats named above, meaning that you’ll be able to play whatever song, no matter where it comes from, on your computer and export them to other devices.

It’s worth mentioning that JetAudio Basic is a free program with an impressive arsenal of functional tools, but many of them only become 100% activated when you upgrade to the paid version. However, there’s enough here to keep you happy.

Download JetAudio Basic and discover all the potential that you audio files have to offer.

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Type Freeware

Version 8.1.5

Size 37.16 MB

Other versions

8.1.5 8.1.4 8.1.2