Secure your browsing and never worry about forgetting your passwords with LastPass

LastPass is a password manager and form filler that helps secure your internet browsing by syncing all websites under one password.

LastPass lets you allocate a LastPass master password so that is the only password that you will ever need to remember. This is a fantastic piece of software for the forgetful or absent minded folk out there! If you can train yourself to remember one password then you can browse seamlessly and log into websites without having to type in different passwords each time.

LastPass encrypts sensitive data on your PC, which can only be unlocked with your LastPass master password, helping to further protect you against identity theft.

Of course the obvious downside to LastPass is the over reliance of one password to access all of your data, or log in to any website you are registered on. So if you lose your LastPass password or someone manages to steal it, your PC security is seriously compromised.

Although security of your files appears to be LastPass’s first priority I love it because it makes my life easier. LastPass allows you to synchronize your data on number of different devices such as laptops, computers, and tablets so that information can be accessed anywhere and at any time with your password.


• Protection from identity theft
• Seamless browsing
• Synchronizes data on different devices


• Security is compromised if your master password is lost/stolen
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Type Freeware

Version 4.1.55 (32-bit)

Size 23.72 MB

Other versions

4.1.55 (32-bit) 4.1.55 (64-bit) 4.1.54 (32-bit) 4.1.54 (64-bit) 4.1.52 (32-bit)