Magic: The Gathering - Tactics


Magic: The Gathering – Tactics takes the popular trading card game to the next level

Are you a fan of Magic: The Gathering but are getting tired of having to use cards all the time? You should check out Magic: The Gathering – Tactics, a new strategy game for PC that brings all the action of the trading card game onto your computer screen. It´s quite different from the original game in some ways, but stays true to the main ideas.

The gameplay is pretty basic. It´s based on turns, just like the trading card game, only this time you play as a “Planeswalker”. Planeswalkers are mighty mages who use the knowledge gleaned from their spellbooks to battle other Planeswalkers. Gameplay occurs on a “digital tabletop” which resembles a living, breathing gameboard, showing you exactly where each move will take you.

You can choose between individual campaigns and battles between players. Battles between players are simple, with the goal of knocking down their health from 200 to 0. You can do this using spells to conjure up creatures that attack your opponent, strengthen the defense of said creatures with other spells, or simply go up and hack away at them yourself.

One thing that differs in Magic: The Gathering – Tactics from the original trading card game is the distribution of mana. Any fan of Magic: The Gathering knows that there are five kinds of mana represented by five different colors (red, black, white, blue, and green). Different areas of land, in the trading card game, have different colors of mana, which dictates what kind of spells will work or not.

In Magic: The Gathering – Tactics, the type of mana used depends on how many cards of each color you have in your spellbook. Thus, the uncertainty factor regarding which type of spells will work depending on which type of mana you can use is still very present in the online game. Go ahead and download Magic: The Gathering – Tactics free for PC and immerse yourself in a world of battles and spells!

• Stays true to the trading card game in many ways
• Battles are designed well
• Excellent graphics

• Some of the interfaces in the game, for instance that of the shop, are not very intuitive
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