Cryptainer LE

Cryptainer LE is a 128 bit disk encryption software that is designed to create encrypted containers (vaults) of up to 25 MB each to store any types of data. This disk encryption software is a “miniature” version of Cryptainer PE and Cryptainer.
The Cryptainer drive can be loaded and unloaded at your convenience. You just load your drive and drag and drop data into the Cryptainer drive and your data is automatically encrypted.
Cryptainer does not only encrypt files and folders but it also lets you install programs in the Cryptainer drive which is accessible only through a password.
What’s more, Cryptainer LE allows the creation of encrypted files that can be sent as email attachments and it also has a 'Mobile' feature which allows it to encrypt all media (including, USB, CD ROM etc). It works on all 32 bit versions of Windows. Try this shareware now!
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Type Shareware

Version 9.0.2

Size 6.6 MB

Other versions

9.0.2 8.1.0