HDClone Free Edition

HDClone Free Edition icon HDClone Free Edition 4.0.3

Protect the entire data saved on your hard drive by using HDClone Free Edition. This is a reliable and excellent program that will help you to copy the contents from one disk to another disk. Use this program to avoid data loss due to accidental deletion or system crash. HDClone Free Edition also lets you automatically add disk space if desired. It can also be used even if the operating system is damaged. You can also choose among its commercial versions such as HDClone Basic Edition, Standard Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition.
HDClone Free Edition is jam- packed with the following features:
• Universal hard disk cloning tool
• Works with Mac mini, Dell mini and new Intel chipsets (P55)
• USB device support
• Can be used for data rescue, backup, migration and mass installations
• Clones hard disk and other storage media
• Self- booting and runs on Windows platform
• Absolutely free


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