Free Uninstaller


Free Uninstaller

Who knew uninstalling utilities can be this optimizing? Free Uninstallers hits two birds with one stone.

First, it removes applications downloaded in your Windows system. Second, it removes invalid entries left behind by uninstalled software, something your Add/Remove Programs applet neglects to do. The Free Unistaller easy to use interface features 3 elements: a tool bar which displays its commonly used functions, a list of installed applications, and bottom panel that shows you information about the applications when clicked from the application list.

Like the Add/Remove Programs, it lets you choose between completely uninstalling, or removing the application from the list. Just choose the program and click either of the buttons. The only difference is, Free Uninstaller works faster than the Add/Remove Programs.

Quick and easy to use, Free Uninstaller can replace the functionality of your Add/Remove Programs utility.
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Type Freeware

Version 1.1

Size 311.01 kB

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