Remove Toolbar Buddy


Remove Toolbar Buddy

Os: Windows Type: Shareware Ver.: 4.6
Is your web browser being invaded by unfamiliar toolbars that keep posting advertisements? Take control of your web browser and get rid of those invasive, harmful toolbars. Harmful toolbars can range from those that display ads, phish (steal personal information), spy, etc. Most of the time, these toolbars have been designed to make it impossible to remove them from your system. Now, we have an answer to that problem. Remove Toolbar Buddy is the solution to fix your toolbar-invaded web browser. This application is very easy to use. With this program, you can remove different types of browser add-ons including invisible ones: toolbars, toolbar buttons, menu, menu extensions, explorer bars and browser helper objects. Removal is done by selecting the module and pressing the Delete button. It has a safety back-up feature which saves your configuration data so you can roll back any changes you have made any time.

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