Nokia Lifeblog

Nokia Lifeblog


Nokia Lifeblog

Os: Windows Type: Freeware Ver.: 2.5.224
Nokia Lifeblog is a tool to make full use of your Nokia mobile phone’s multimedia capabilities. With this program you’ll be able to keep a record of all your photos, SMS and MMS messages, videos and recordings made with your device.

Nokia Lifeblog is also designed as a personal diary of your activities, therefore, you’ll be able to organize each of the entries according to diverse parameters, such as input date, contents, sender and location.

It should be noted that this program allows uploading the contents directly to your personal blog, and is compatible with various networks such as BlogIt, LifeLogger, Ikbis and G-Blog, among others. It is also possible to upload the photos to your Flickr account or to use it with WordPress (through a plug-in).

• Records all activity on your mobile device
• Allows direct uploading of the contents to your blog
• Allows uploading photos to Flickr

• Only compatible with mobile devices that use Symbian OS

Nokia Lifeblog


Other versions

Nokia Lifeblog 2.5.224

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