ZBrush is a design program especially oriented towards the creation of 3D models. This software lets you create bodies and textures with incredible ease.

The program has a novel modeling system (“pixol”) that lets the user create sculptures and add lighting and color effects to every screen element, without having to be an expert in the area.

On the other hand, ZBrush has various types of strokes available, as well as various filters. It also includes unique features, such as “ZSphere” that lets you create 3D models from a sphere that you shape.

All this, combined with a good 2.5D illustration system, makes ZBrush a good option for both amateur and professional designers.

• Wide range of options
• 2.5D design
• “Pixol” technology

• Functionality surpassed by similar applications

ZBrush limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 3.1

Size 63 B

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