EarthDesk is a software which helps you create a real-time image of the Earth on your desktop instead of your regular wallpaper. It is supported by MS Windows and MAC. EarthDesk gives you the feeling of peeping out from a spaceship, as it’s updated in real time every three hours. EarthDesk can be customized to update daylight or moonlight and also has the option to choose among the map projections which are available.

Moreover, EarthDesk helps its users track any real time events, like hurricanes or typhoons, etc. However, this feature is enabled only if it is connected to the internet. EarthDesk covers information for about 10,000 cities throughout the world. EarthDesk provides various features, and its users have the choice to customize it according to their needs. This is perfect software which helps you enjoy the beauty of nature and also helps you track any significant changes.
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Type Shareware


Size 25.83 MB

Other versions 5.0.6