Royale Noir

Royale Noir is a theme for Windows XP that was never officially released by Microsoft. It belongs to a group (or series) of themes called Royale consisting of three different color schemes. During development of the said Royale series at the XP Media Center of Microsoft, the graphic artists produced a black version of the skin in which the much used ‘glass’ effect was not included. The outcome was an artistic black skin that was named as ‘Royale Noir’.
As the skin was not released by Microsoft, it didn’t reach the final stage of development. This theme, said to have been completed by some third party, is now available for download from third party sites providing skins for XP. So, if you are interested to apply a theme never released officially by Microsoft you may download Royale Noir that provides a different taste and works fine with Windows XP.
Royale Noir icon

Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 403.91 kB

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