Hotmail & MSN Password Recovery


Hotmail & MSN Password Recovery

Often in these busy times, forgetting our passwords is a daily event. With so many stringent login and password rules these days, adding a symbol or number and making it a certain amount of characters, gets frustrating to say the least. The days of using the same password for every account are over. Now there is a utility to make life a bit easier. Instantly recover the login name and password on your local computer with Hotmail & MSN Password Recovery, an easy to use one click password retrieval for Hotmail and MSN mail users. Hotmail and MSN Password Recovery works with all versions of Windows and versions 6.0, 6.2, 7.0, and 7.5 of MSN. Don’t let those tired days and brain freezes keep you from accessing your important email messages. Download Hotmail & MSN Password Recovery and peace of mind.
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