ICQ Password Recovery 2.0


ICQ Password Recovery 2.0

ICQ Password Recovery 2.0 is a utility to recover lost or forgotten passwords from ICQ instant messenger, without having to use the program’s official record.

Nowadays, with so many accounts to keep track of (social networks, messengers, email, etc), it is common to forget some personal passwords. If this has happened to you with ICQ, don’t worry, for the solution is very simple: ICQ Password Recovery 2.0.

Basically, this excellent application will let you recover the passwords that were entered into the messaging program or, at some time, into the computer. The system detects the ID, the username and the alias with which the program connected. Then, ICQ Password Recovery 2.0 will quickly search for the information in the program’s database and provide it to you immediately.

Thanks to this simple process, you won’t have to wait for hours until the support group replies to the online request nor submit long and complicated forms. Please use ICQ Password Recovery 2.0 to recover your own password and not to get that of other people who have registered on your PC.

• Intuitive interface
• Easy to use

• Only recovers the passwords used on the computer
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Type Shareware

Version 2.1

Size 359.64 kB

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