Omniform Premium 5.0


Omniform Premium 5.0

Have you tried making forms only to find yourself struggling because the software you’re using is not really meant for form creation? Good news there’s this software called Omniform. Omniform is the best form creation software in the market today. This software enables you create fillable electronic forms from scratch using the Designer Toolkit. There are a lot of templates that can aid you in making a custom form but you can always start from scratch whichever way you prefer. These forms you have created can be printed, stored, distributed or sent by e-mail in fillable Omniform format. Lastly, another great feature of this software is that it can convert scanned forms to digital fillable versions. Do it right! Download, install and start using this software now. Save a lot of time and rid yourself from form-related frustrations.
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Type Shareware

Version 5.0

Size 58.08 MB

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