Password Dragon

Password Dragon is an interesting security tool that will let you protect all your passwords in a simple and fast way.

With the current enormous expansion of the Internet, it is common for you to type your information in diverse Web pages to subscribe to bulletins, search for employment, create a profile on a social network or create email accounts. In all cases, you need to input passwords so that your privacy isn’t violated. However, as you add more accounts, it is possible that you forget the first passwords or that you confuse them with one another.

To solve this problem, Password Dragon was created, an application that will take care of saving all your passwords over time and reminding you of them every time you need them on a specific site. Using it is extremely simple: in the main interface you’ll find a table of fields in which you must input the Web page designation, the username and the password that you specified. The tool will always let you edit, delete and search among your records.

Password Dragon was programmed in Java, which gives it compatibility with all existing browsers and operating systems. Besides, it works with totally invulnerable security algorithms, so the only password you’ll have to remember is theone to access this program.

• Powerful security algorithms
• Intuitive and dynamic interface
• Requires no installation
• Integration with all system processes

• Doesn’t automatically capture passwords
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Type Freeware

Version 5.0.8

Size 745.07 kB

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