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Sky Downloader

Download movies, music, TV shows or live channels with Sky Downloader. Fast and easy, you can get all the movies, TV shows and MP3s you want in half a time. This software employs the combination technology of Gnutella and BitTorrent coupled with live channel streaming to give you a hassle free online entertainment. With state of the art under-the-hood technology, the download speed is accelerated twice than other downloading software.
Not only is Sky Downloader the fastest, it’s also the safest. It doesn’t come bundled with adware or spyware and it also has the most aggressive protection against harmful content, keeping your computer safe from Trojans, worms, viruses and other malicious components. In addition to high speed downloading and tight security, Sky Downloader also provides users of different levels the ease of usability with a highly intuitive interface.
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Type Freeware

Version 3.2.1

Size 845 B

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3.2.1 3.1