Windows Password Recovery


Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery is an interesting security tool with which you’ll be able to recover your computer’s access data without losing important information.

This program will help you protect all the contents stored on your PC, keeping your password to access the system saved in a safe place. The application is used in three simple steps: first, it asks you to insert an external storage device; you’ll be able to use a CD, a USB device or a hard disk. Windows Password Recovery will create a backup copy which you’ll be able to access at any moment.

When your computer is blocked, you’ll simply have to insert the external device: it will automatically start running and within a few moments it will start all systems and processes, with a provisional code that you will then change. Finally, you must visit the Windows recovery service site, where you’ll type the temporary key and the page will show you your original password.

Windows Password Recovery works with all versions of the Microsoft operating system, and is capable of recovering the information of all users who have ever started a session. This program is very easy to use and extremely useful; you simply must have it available.

• Intuitive interface
• Very easy to use
• Powerful password recovery system

• Requires an Internet connection
• Requires external storage devices

Windows Password Recovery limitations:
• Purchase or registration reminder
• Restricted features
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Type Shareware


Size 23.22 MB

Other versions 3.20 6.0 6.0