Mad Father


Enter a world of horror in Mad Father for PC

Mad Father is a horror game whose main character is a little girl who, after a number of strange incidents, starts noticing that her father could be in problems… or rather, has become a problem.

This free indie game has a very simple gameplay, similar to many Japanese graphics adventures and classic games. You’ll control the girl while moving through a sinister mansion, investigating the different mysteries that come out around her. As she discovers clues, she starts unraveling horrors that happen in her own home, for which her own father is responsible. The thing is that this man is a very ambitious and somewhat violent scientist, who seems to have lost the sense of reality.

In Mad Father RPG, the storyline plays a central role, and is really the most important part of the game. You’ll simply move around through the different rooms, talking with characters and picking up items that might be useful, so that you can later solve some puzzles on your way. However, as you advance, you’ll witness terrible situations from the character’s perspective, and you’ll see, through her innocent eyes, how her father becomes a monster.

Despite its simple 2D graphics, the aesthetics in Mad Father manages to capture the story’s atmosphere perfectly, with character designs similar to anime and other JRPGs. Besides, the music and sound effects truly contribute to a sinister environment full of tension that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Even though gameplay is very simple, the storyline follows a very good rhythm which will sometimes leave you breathless, and will definitely keep you in front of your computer screen from beginning to end.

In summary, Mad Father is a short and simple, but very effective, title, that will surely terrify you. Don’t hesitate any longer to download Mad Father, and unravel the horrible story which this family conceals.

• Very good atmosphere
• Compelling and entertaining storyline
• Well-designed aesthetics

• Very simple gameplay
• May seem very short
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Type Freeware

Version 1.04

Size 43.87 MB

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