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by Maire Rowland imageMaire Rowland 2013-09-05
Os: Windows Type: Shareware Ver.: 6.01

Magic Photo Editor is image editing software that allows you to fix or alter your pictures quickly and easily.

Magic Photo Editor makes it possible to impose a digital photo onto another photo and blend it so that it looks real. I had hours of fun creating fake photos of myself in different landmarks around the world!

This effect usually takes a while to master in the likes of Photoshop but with the Magic Photo Editor I found this feature very easy to use. The blended images looked quite natural and it didn’t take me days to perfect! Different special effects can be created with this editor, with the over 180 masks that are available for you to blend and enhance your image.

There are 100 different cliparts included in the program so you can make your image edgy and unique by adding different cartoons, flowers etc. There is an also an option to add a photo frame to your photo and there are 100 different ones to choose from. Text can also be added to images.

Photoshop experts will probably feel like this download is limited but If you are looking for photo editing software that is quick and a lot of fun then Magic Photo Editor is the program for you.

  • Easy to use masks
  • Natural looking blending
  • Includes fun features, clipart etc
  • Limited features


Anonymous: I'm so glad that the inertnet allows free info like this!

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Magic Photo Editor


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