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Microsoft Office 2013, also known as Office 15, is the ultimate office suite for Windows 7 and Windows 8, that will streamline your workflow at work or at home. This is the successor to Microsoft Office 2010 and includes an extensive file support, new user interface, touch support for tablets and many more to mention.

Difference between Office 2013 and Office 365

Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft 365 is part of the same package, and the only difference being that the last mentioned is a set of paid subscription software services that require the user to pay a monthly or periodic fee to Microsoft Corporation. Although Office 365 is cloud-based, rather than desktop applications, this program also lets you subscribe to these apps alongside the cloud services.

Furthermore, the graphical user interface has been revamped with a sleeker Ribbon interface that blends in well with the Metro look of the latest Windows 8. Also, you can buy added accessories at Microsoft Office Store, including online picture support with content from Bing and Flickr. On the other hand, this utility software has better social integration, now with Skype and Yammer (both acquired by the colossal enterprise).

Office 2013 preview that is currently available; you can connect up to 5 domestic computers or tablets. Then, later in autumn you can expect the launch of Office 365 Home Premium and the ProPlus versions: Office 365 for enterprise and Office 365 for small business. In addition, you can upload documents to Skydrive (which is the default setting when you save your docs), and send the link to colleagues or fiends to share the items.

Another handy feature is that you can now modify PDF files, add online videos and make use of different tools to make your final document stand out more. Moreover, Word 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 has a new Resume Reading mode, which allows you to pause your work and when you come back, carry on where you last left off. Also, you can create more appealing PowerPoint presentations with fresh content such as slide designs, animations and transitions.

Excel 2013 has a great Flash Fill feature, that will intelligently fill up as you type, by recognizing patterns and automatically completing the cells without the use of neither macros nor formulas. Microsoft Outlook also has support for now and implemented a new visualization for scheduled tasks.

Lastly, something noteworthy is that in order for this suite to work on your PC, you must either possess a Microsoft ID or create an account. Then, once you have that out of the way, you can start enjoying the powerful features of Microsoft Office 2013.

• Can add up to 5 home devices or tablets
• Added features
• Better social integration
• Cloud storage
• Resume Reading mode
• Share docs with colleagues

• Nothing to report

Microsoft Office 2013 limitations:
• 30-day trial version


Windows 8 - Microsoft Office 2013 available for download

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