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Microsoft Office Publisher


Powerful marketing tool for promotions and professional communications

by Chloe Slye imageChloe Slye 03-13-2015
Os: Windows Type: Shareware Ver.: 1.4.2

Microsoft Office Publisher is a great software to create those regular office designs like business cards, greeting cards and commercial papers that (yet) cannot be created with Word. Enjoy an extensive library of templates for every occasion.

Microsoft Office Publisher includes a large number of options and tools very easy to use. You can also count on wizards and manuals that will guide you through the entire creative process.

If you have ever used any of the Microsoft Office product family, you’ll have no problem using Microsoft Office Publisher. This is because its interface is the same as the one used in the other programs of the famous office suite. You’ll find the popular Ribbon interface, in which the main commands are concentrated on a button while the remaining functions are spread out among convenient tabs. There are also many templates to choose from. What's more is that you can create your own to work with in future.

Historically, the greatest criticism against Microsoft Office Publisher has been related to its limitations, especially compared to programs like Adobe InDesign. Although there is some truth in these claims, the comparison seems exaggerated. This is because Microsoft Office Publisher is focused in providing publication solutions to mostly SMEs that only need the basic tools.

You should download Microsoft Office Publisher if you want to design simple material. 

  • For basic personal and commercial graphic design
  • Convenient and easy-to-use
  • Not the preferred software for detailed design


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Anonymous: Awesome! You can do almost anything for the office or home with Publisher! It saved me many times when I had to do a greeting card or an office poster. Love this!

08-28-2015 1
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