Manage and retouch your photos with Microsoft Picture It! for PC


  • Wide format support
  • Easy to use compared with similar applications
  • Requires little disk space


  • No support from its developers
  • Functionality surpassed by similar programs

Microsoft Picture It! is a photo editing program and manager for PC that lets you manage your images in a very simple environment and retouch photos with just a few clicks.

This program lets you organize your personal collections, assign them a category or rating and find them quickly on your computer. It also lets you organize your photo collection. In this era of images and other visual media, this is an especially useful tool. You can take photos from any source and organize them into albums and categories as you wish. It is a completely personal process suited for those who have a hankering for the unique.

Microsoft Picture It! offers more than just photo organization and management, however. Much like in Microsoft Paint, users can complete simple editing jobs on their photos. Users can do things such as eliminate red eyes, modify visual parameters (brightness, contrast, color) and reduce noise. It is also simple and easy to select, cut, and then paste a particular part of an image. Basically, any of the basic tools that you could find in another photo editing program, you can find in this one as well.

One thing that sets this program apart from other similar ones is the fact that it supports a wide variety of photo and image file formats. That means that no matter where your image comes from, be it your camera, Facebook, or some other source, you will be able to edit it and organize it just like all of your other photos. This is also a program that does not require much space to work properly, so you won’t have to worry about overloading your hard drive by downloading and installing it.

Download Microsoft Picture It! free for PC and organize, edit, and manage all of your photos.

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Type Shareware

Version 9.0

Size 166.14 kB

Other versions

9.0 2.0