The ultimate open world construction sandbox game for PC

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Welcome to Minecraft, the challenging game where you build your town and explore an amazing environment, and it proposes almost endless building options from cube blocks.

Unmistakable for its aesthetic, Minecraft has become a benchmark of its kind, a remarkable fact considering that after his name no big game development company hides virtual, but a fan of science fiction games programmer.

Build your Minecraft world

In Minecraft not find stunning graphics and amazing effects, however, this does not prevent players Minecraft grow exponentially every day thanks to a simple environment and offers high playability, and a number of almost infinite customization options.

When it comes to play, simplicity and fun in abundance are the elements of a formula that has won this game for building one of the most popular of the moment. Download Minecraft, access their exciting virtual world and do not put limits on your imagination. Explore, build, create your own virtual world and discover how far you can get.

The appeal of the game is that no limits are set by the game itself, but each player and to ensure this Minecraft offers three game modes designed to meet all kinds of users, from those who only seek to enhance their creativity with the Mode Creative; through who need a challenge, you will find in the Survivors Mode an answer to your measure; or for those seeking to know its limitations, for whom the Hardcore mode is a challenge of survival.

Dare to download Minecraft and discover a new way to play.

  • Large worlds to explore
  • Over 200 recipes to create objects
  • Several game modes
  • Create any type of structure
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Improved internal chat system
  • It can be difficult to set up multiplayer matches
  • Game includes no help or guides


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