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Mozilla Firefox is a highly popular browser for PC, developed by Mozilla. Browse using one of the world's fastest and most effective browsers. The program is available for download from the link provided, completely for free. Add-ons can be downloaded separately.

Browsing Made Easy

In recent times, companies have been trying to create their own version of the perfect browser with dynamic features, speed and extensions that make it a cut above the rest. Browsers, after all, are much more than a means to explore the vastness of the web. They are a toolbox through which you can enjoy it more thoroughly. Mozilla's browser, Firefox, recognizes this. Although its features don't approach revolutionary new frontiers, Firefox remains one of the highest performing browsers and a favorite choice amongst millions of internet users.

What's New in Firefox?

Above all else, the main changes that were implemented by the latest version of Firefox were security related. First of all, the company released 13 separate security patches with various fixes, designed to improve one's user experience. These are in the form of advisories, some of which are rated critical. A new security feature, known as opportunistic encryption, was also being planned, but was dropped to a potential issue with Man-in-the-Middle attackers. The browser will now integrate OneCRL (Certificate Revocation List), making SSL/ TLS certificate revocation more viable. This can be accessed from the web developer tools as standard. Supplementing the page info view, Firefox also improved its padlock with the network view, allowing one to access via developer tools the status of individual sub-resource loads. While this all sounds quite technical sufficed to say that for developers it is a much-needed improvement. 

Finally, there is the new feedback system, known as Firefox Heartbeat. Although there is already a support and feedback option in place, this feature will allow users to be more aware of how to leave feedback as well as what is happening in the world of Firefox and its ongoing development. Definitely, this is a welcome addition. 

Main Interface and Features

The browser's main interface looks similar to other popular browsers. Firefox uses tabbed browsing and has a built-in search and address bar, making it highly convenient to look up content in seconds. If you have accessed websites recently, results will appear in a drop-down menu when you begin typing using the auto-fill feature. These can also be viewed or modified in your 'History' tab. Your bookmarks page can also be accessed, from two locations, and used to manage your favorite sites. The browser has an independent search bar on the right-hand side, as well as a means to quickly access your most important browser options including bookmarks, downloads, private windows, printing options and conversations.

This latter feature, in fact, is an innovative one, allowing users to chat via voice or video calls using Firefox - known as Firefox Hello. With this feature, you can turn your browsing experience into a social one by connecting with your contacts quickly and easily. All you need is a webcam, a microphone, and a user with a WebRTC-supported browser like Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

This latter feature, in fact, is an innovative one, allowing users to chat via voice or video calls using Firefox - known as Firefox Hello. With this feature, you can turn your browsing experience into a social one by connecting with your contacts quickly and easily. All you need is a webcam, a microphone, and a user with a WebRTC-supported browser like Firefox, Chrome or Opera

Performance and Other Features

Compared with industry benchmarks, Firefox performs extremely well. Loading speeds are well within the range of its rivals. JavaScript speeds are similar. For those eager to start browsing, it also has solid start-up times, with averages of less than two seconds for cold and warm start-ups. Unlike in previous iterations of the software, memory consumption is down considerably, resulting in better performance overall.

Firefox has a bunch of features which place it above its competitors. The browser has some nice social API features allowing you to track social media feeds on the fly. Unfortunately, Facebook have recently pulled their support for this, but there are many other websites supporting it. The browser has excellent HTML5 support, recognizing the majority of sites coded in this way. For web developers, the browser also has a great set of developer tools, allowing you to code in Java, CSS and other programming languages in a small, compact interface window.

What would Firefox be without its add-ons? For a long time, it has remained a leader in this regard, and continues to be. The 'Tools' menu can be used to quickly access your add-ons and apps, offering literally thousands of different options to enrich your browsing experience. The only unfortunate thing here is that flash support is not offered in the browser as standard, and that you are forced to download an add-on for it. On the other hand, Firefox's PDF reader is included by default

Privacy and Security

In addition to the updates discussed above, Firefox has security comparable to other browsers like Opera and Chrome. When you access a website, its web certificate will appear in the URL indicating whether the site is safe to visit. Firefox will also provide the option of private browsing, in case you don't want your history to be tracked. The 'Preferences' section also has a nice set of privacy and security settings allowing you to block add-on installations, attack sites, and web forgeries. It will forget your passwords and your history for you or allow you to use a master password. The browser also has a built-in pop-up blocker. In each case, exceptions can be set, so that you remain in complete control of your browsing experience. Finally, it has phishing, antivirus and malware protection as standard. Downloading files is also quite easy to manage as they will appear in the bottom corner of your screen, with all potentially dangerous files throwing up a warning for the user.

While Chrome's connectivity with your Google account is more overt, Firefox's equivalent feature, 'Sync', can be accessed from your preferences. It will allow you to access your tabs, bookmarks, passwords and much more wherever you are using Firefox. Although not the same process as Google's, it's still a nice feature.

The Verdict

In summary, if you're looking for a fast, multi-featured browser that will only keep improving well into the future, Firefox might be just what you needed. Its PC version is packed with amazing content. Fast loading and searching, improved security thanks to several patches, HTML5 support, PDF support, Sync option for your account's bookmarks and history, voice and video calls with Hello, thousands of add-ons and extensions and so much more. Although it's hard to stay on top in today's market, Firefox is doing an excellent job of keeping up with the competition. Download it now and try it for yourself.

  • New security features with Firefox
  • Open source browser, excellent for developers
  • High-speed, high performance web browsing
  • HTML5 and PDF support
  • Great security/antivirus settings and private browsing
  • Plenty of add-ons to enhance your browser
  • Sync your browser settings with your account
  • Firefox Hello lets you have voice and video calls with your friends
  • Built-in search and address bar
  • Third-party apps can cause some difficulty for the browser


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This is a great browser with philosophy behind it, since its Open Source. Even its synchronization feature lets you have your Firefox settings under OS like iOS although Firefox is not allowed to be there.

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