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Browse the web in style and comfort with this fantastic, secure and highly customizable application

Os: Windows Type: Free (GPL) Ver.: 48.0.1
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This is the browser that makes it much easier to navigate through multiple pages due to its tab system is preferred by millions of users worldwide. Mozilla Firefox convinces anyone looking for a browser that combines stability and lightness with the fastest loading speed to enjoy any web content in no time.

Mozilla Firefox: stability and lightness

The number of users of Mozilla Firefox continues to grow thanks to the stability offered by the popular browser, an easy browser to download and install, lightweight, stable that is ready to become the best option for those who want to surf the net quickly.

Stability and lightness are the strengths that highlight after you download and install Mozilla Firefox, but users are even more attractive practical tabbed browsing system, which has become popular, and its speed to load web sites, which makes web browsing experience that much more enjoyable.

Thinking about users with little experience over the Internet, Mozilla Firefox proposes, by default, a simple and intuitive interface, but it offers great customization options through the "skins". Even with thousands of downloadable add-ons and extensions that make browsing with Mozilla Firefox a unique experience tailored to each user.

  • New security features with Firefox
  • Open source browser, excellent for developers
  • High-speed, high performance web browsing
  • HTML5 and PDF support
  • Great security/antivirus settings and private browsing
  • Plenty of add-ons to enhance your browser
  • Sync your browser settings with your account
  • Firefox Hello lets you have voice and video calls with your friends
  • Built-in search and address bar
  • Third-party apps can cause some difficulty for the browser


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Anonymous: This is a great browser with philosophy behind it, since its Open Source. Even its synchronization feature lets you have your Firefox settings under OS like iOS although Firefox is not allowed to be there.

08-28-2015 14:45 0
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